Please note – Lakes, Date could change due to Covid closures!

2021 TOC will Be held at Russo’s Marina October 9th & 10Th, 2021.

What to expect:

You can expect a well organized, exciting experience for all levels of anglers.

A one time annual membership fee of $50 per angler (B.A.S.S. member dues are included in this),membership form per angler and your team entry fee will be collected.

A pre-tournament meeting will take place at designated launch ramp at designated lake. We will go over flight weigh-in time, off-limits and important information about that specific tournament. Boat inspections will take place on the water if levels are accommodating if not they will take place prior to launch.

The National Anthem will be played and the The American Flag will be flown. Boats will be released and the tournament will officially begin! Official rules will be provided with your Membership Package.


  • Our Payouts are structures paying 1 in 5 boats entered with an 80% being returned to anglers at the lake in tournament winnings.
  • The 20% will be paid back via Tournament of Champions.
  • All Options are 100% payback


  • 1st place through 3rd place will receive trophies/plaques at tournaments.
  • 1 plaque/trophy will be presented to the 1st Big Fish of each tournament.
  • 1 Plaque/trophy will be presented to the Overall Big Fish of the season including 100% of the Overall Big Fish Option.

Travelers Region-Lakes, Date could change due to Covid closures!

  • 02/06/21 Pine Flat Lake (updated)
  • 03/13/21 McClure Lake
  • 04/10/21 Eastman Lake
  • 05/01/21 Pine Flat Lake – OPEN
  • 06/05/21 Pine Flat Lake
  • 08/21/21 Kaweah Lake
  • 09/11/21 Pine Flat Lake

So Cal  Region

No 2021 Schedule

Local Region-Lakes, Date could change due to Covid closures!

  • 02/27/21 Kaweah Lake
  • 03/27/21 Success Lake
  • 04/24/21 Kaweah Lake
  • 05/22/21 Success Lake
  • 06/12/21 Kaweah Lake
  • 07/24/21 Success Lake

Youth Tournaments-Lakes, Date could change due to Covid closures!

  • 02/28/21 Kaweah Lake
  • 03/28/21 Success Lake
  • 04/25/21 Kaweah Lake
  • 05/23/21 Success Lake
  • 06/13/21 Kaweah Lake TOC