Cen Cal Elite Bass Tournaments

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Launching From B & W Resort Delta Ca

September 24 & 25th, 2022

  • The team from January 1st-August30th 2022 can seek the assistance or advice of anyone, such as a professional guide, state or federal wildlife agency employee, or any other person deemed an “expert” or someone other than your TOC partner, spouse, parent, Cen Cal Elite Member or child.
  • Tournament of Champions Practice/Pre-Fish Rules –There are NO off limit days prior to tournament date, Note the following specifics
    • Tournament of Champions rules may be updated, changed and will be announced prior to event and may not be the same for Qualifying events.
    • The can only pre-fish with their team partner if you fish both divisions you must pick a partner and that is the only partner you may fish with from 09/01/22 you must let the tournament director know prior to 09/01/22, or a parent or child from September 1st till 09/24-25/22 this includes the both members of the team. For both the boater/non-boater you may NOT have the assistance or advice of anyone other than another confirmed contestant, state or federal wildlife agency, other Cen Cal Member who does not have a Youth, or any other person deemed an “expert“ on these tournament waters for the purposes of locating or catching bass after 8/30/22.
    • You must be off the water at no later than 3:00 pm the night before the TOC event. ie Event is 09/24/22 you must be off the water by 3:00pm on 09/23/22
    • After the tournament begins, fishing the tournament waters is PROHIBITED except during tournament hours to all Cen Cal Elite Events events unless otherwise notified by Cen Cal Elite Bass Tournaments/Tournament Director/s.
    •  NO Competitor may buy or barter a fishing location from any other competitor for use during any competition day.
    • During the official competition day(s) of the tournament a competitor may not make cell calls for the purpose of locating or catching fish on tournament waters. Cell phones may be used for emergency situations.  Competitors are allowed to call lockmasters for locking purposes only.  Competitors are allowed to use smart phones for global maps, weather, power generation, tidal charts, notes, etc., however using smart phones during competition to log into daily tournament blogs or social media is not permitted.
    • Each competitor agrees to report to the Tournament Operations immediately any violation or infraction of any tournament rules. Failure to report violations, or suggestions to another competitor that they violate these rules, or false verification of weigh-in forms, may be cause for disqualification.  OFFICIAL PROTESTS MUST BE FILLED IN ACCORDANCE WITH RULE 1. ALL PARTIES OF INTEREST WILL BE PROVIDED A COPY.

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