B.A.S.S. membership benefits & qualifications.

The Cen Cal Elite Bass Team Trail Tournaments (CCEBTTT) is the Charter Sanctioned Tournament Series in the B.A.S.S. Team Championship. The CCEBTTT will qualify one (1) team per 25 teams registered in each division to compete in the B.A.S.S. Team Championship. The B.A.S.S. Team Championship will be a maximum 200-boat tournament in late 2020. This two-day event will qualify the TOP three (3) teams to go on to a Classic Qualifier in which the six (6) members will fish for two days with payout being a spot in the 2020 Bassmaster Classic.


  • As a Participating Team Trail, Team Trail has the opportunity each year to qualify teams into the Bassmaster Team Championship based upon the annual number of teams that participated in the Eligible Events taking place prior to the deadline of each year during the Term (as hereinafter defined). To be eligible, a Participating Team Trail must sign up a minimum of 25 teams (50 individuals) as B.A.S.S. Team members. Eligible Participating Team Trails may be invited to send at least one (1) team to the Bassmaster Team Championship.
  • For every additional 25 teams (50 individuals) that Team Trail signs up as B.A.S.S. Team members, B.A.S.S., in its discretion, may offer Team Trail an opportunity to qualify one (1) or more additional team to the Bassmaster Team Championship.The Participating Team Trail must provide the following information for each individual participant: name, mailing address, EMAIL and phone number, Team participants will receive a B.A.S.S. Team membership including B.A.S.S. Times magazine.Bassmaster Team Championship Dates/ Location. The Bassmaster Team Championship to be announced.

Bassmaster Team Challenge:


  • Be an active Cen Cal Elite Bass Team Trail Tournament member, I.e. paid member dues
  • Be an active B.A.S.S. Member, i.e. Paid member dues included in CCEBTTT dues.
  • Qualify for the CCEBTTT Toc per Cen Cal Elite Bass points system and tournaments fished. i.e. points system 1st place team, does not mean winner of TOC.
  • The Team that qualifies must remain as a team, no Single man/woman teams, no substitution of team for BASS.
  • The first 25 teams that are paid members in each division, the CCEBTTT/BASS will send 1 qualifying Team from that division.
  • The Team that qualifies- will be promoted to the Team Challenge, If one member or both can not attend it will go to the next qualified time in that Division.
    • I.e. – Cen Cal has 50 paid members we send (1) qualified team – 1st place in points in each division. If one of those members can not make the Team Challenge then it will to go the next team in that division. If there is not 50 paid members in a division, then that division will not have a member that qualifies.
    • I.e. – Travelers has 50 paid members then 1 team will go, So-Cal has 50 paid members then 1 team will go, Local has 50 paid members 1 team will go.